(why science in the hospital is good)

Dinosaurs lesson

Today we worked with Mr. B and Mr. L on some cool dinosaur lessons!  With Mr. B, we first read a book about dinosaurs called “The Time of the Dinosaurs” and we then talked about the many different types of dinosaurs there were.  Mr. B liked the triceratops the most and then, we were able to draw up some more dinosaurs using stencils and crayons.  Finally, Mr. B and I worked on excavating some real dinosaur bones using one of the dinosaur fossil kits we have!!!

Later, when I worked with Mr. L, we read a different book on dinosaurs called “Dinosaur ABCs”! Each letter had a dinosaur associated with it.  Did you know that there is even a dinosaur that starts with the letter X?  Yep its called the Xiaosaurus, and Mr. L even learned how the pronounce the funky dinosaur’s name!! Later we worked with some stencils and answered some questions that Mr. L had.  Next week, we will work on the robot kits that we bought, see you next time!


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