(why science in the hospital is good)

Christon Thinks About the Future

“I think that you should watch this video [about me] because it’s exciting.  It makes me happy and I feel good when watch it, it gives me inspiration for what I need to do next.  It proves that every time I do flower arranging, I get better and better until I succeed.  I think that flower arranging is special because I don’t have much to do.  It makes it easier for me to come up with things to do and it makes my time in the clinic go faster.  Arranging flowers makes me feel excited and gives me inspiration and it makes me feel confident.  Like when I achieve things I never did before or like making people happy.

What I would like to do in the future is graduate from school and become an entrepreneur.  I want to go to school to study business and see what it is like.  Having a flower shop at the hospital makes me learn about different ideas of arranging flowers and what I need for a business and how I can achieve what I want to do. Katie popped up and gave me things that i never thought I wanted to do.  She inspired me.”

PS Here are updates from my blog about flower arranging. Powerflowersnc.blogspot.com

Photo posted with permission


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