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Word Cloud Poetry

We appreciate http://www.tagxedo.com’s free website for making word clouds!


Owl Pellets

A brave young student learned about barred owl skulls (he even let this replica sit on his shoulder)

and then he dissected a fake owl pellet and identified the plastic bones to be from a rodent skeleton.  Way to go!

Let it Snow!

We made a small snowstorm in Fun with Science using Instasnow.  It’s not cold enough in NC to snow yet, but we decided to make some snow in the hospital anyway to welcome winter weather to come (and because snow is fun to play with!).

Spooky Halloween Science

Dry ice experiments!

Photos posted with permission.

Good Advice

Thanks again, Blue Butterfly.

My Life as a Blue Butterfly

My life as a blue butterfly.
Before I became a butterfly, I was a caterpillar.  I was a cute blue
caterpillar with cute stripes.  When I was a beautiful caterpillar, I
ate leaves and I wiggled every day.  I hid from birds in the ground or
sometimes in a tree. One bird almost got me.  It was a cardinal and I
got him by punching him in the nose.  My chrysalis was cute and shiny
and purple.    I became a beautiful butterfly.  Now I fly around and
around with my other family and friends and we play and have a good
time.  We eat bacon pizza.  Then we get thirsty and we fly down to
drink some sprite.  We live at CiCi’s Pizza.  We don’t live a long
time.  We come out sometimes in the day and sometimes at night.  We
like doing the macarena and the cha-cha slide.  And we take a bath and
slide down.  We have our own beds on the clouds.  We watch ‘that’s so
raven’ on TV and we play with mini baby dolls like bratz.  We can sing
and we sing country, rap, and church songs.  We go to insect school.
They teach us how to tell time.  We learn how to read.  They teach us
how to do math.  We go to the bathroom, and we wash our hands after we
go.  We take little snacks of fruit.  We love the stars up in the sky.

-Beautiful Blue


Cheers to you, Blue Butterfly!

Thanks to both of my butterfly writers for inspiring me this week!

An insightful kid wrote this poem- I love the idea that she was thinking about hugging clouds even though she was in the hospital


Orange black yellow

It’s pretty

Antennae like little tweezers

Body like a toothpick

Just like being alone in a field full of grass

And it’s sunny and

A rainbow comes

Legs like strings

Flying is when your feet are lifting off of the ground

Like I hugged a cloud