(why science in the hospital is good)


Candy Experiments!

During science night in the playroom at Duke Children’s hospital, we did a bunch of experiments with candy. The next time you eat sour candy, imagine what it might look like if you put it into a container of baking soda + water….

Did you know that the color coating of m&ms comes off? 

We got many of our ideas from: http://www.candyexperiments.com/


Ocean Ecosystem

Two magnificent science students worked on creating this model of an ocean ecosystem. 

Nature Art (Wall-E, giraffe, birthday cake, heart)

Special Thanks from Healing and Hope

To Joe Chaffin (pictured below) for helping to make the stream cart a fully functioning reality for us all.  We greatly appreciate his ability to problem solve- he’s the ultimate Mr. Fix-it!  He understands the healing power of nature and the intricacies of plumbing, electricity, pumps and filtration.  We’re so glad he’s on our team!

Bringing the garden to the hospital…

We aren’t always able to garden with kids in the hospital because some of them have restrictions on what types of activities they can do, but sometimes we can.  Two fantastic folks from the NC Botanical Garden @ UNC-Chapel Hill, Ms. Sally and Ms. Kirsten, have been bringing horticulture activities to some special kids at UNC Hospital.  Here are some of the projects they’ve been working on:                                 

I wish I had this at my other school!

Photos posted with permission

Awesome aquarium

This model of ocean life was made by older students a couple of summers ago who created their own lesson to teach the younger students about the ocean.  I re-discovered this last week and had to share the picture!